Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNN's Sanjay Gupta is a fruad and racist

CNN's Sanjay Gupta sure has a habit of giving out medical advice on topics that he isn't trained in and does not qualify to be speaking on. First, that racist black baberbershop commercial that CNN is running is just laughable. It is a nothing more than an advertisement for the drug company that manufactured Lipitor, the cholesterol lowering drug, to push for inner city clinics to push up Lipitor sales and charge it to the tax payers via Medicare, SCAN, Medical or whatever else is out there. Garlic has not been over turned as a healthy alternative to helping lower cholesterol and this spot claims to the public, citing a secret test. What test? Why did the test? How long did they test? and how can one political test, to discredit a natural remedy, funded by the drug companies-over turn a proven natural healer that dates back hundreds of years? I have destroyed a chronic illness, with no known cure-simply through my knowledge of herbal medicine and natural cures. My skin started loosing pigmentation after I got out of the military. Every modern medical authority says that there is no real cure but I can pay 30,000 to a dermatologist for some treatment that really doesn't work. Well, I paid Trader Joes-12.00 for a French Herb made out of tree bark-and my pigmentation came returned in a matter of months! So, I hate what I see going on between these crook doctors, government agencies, Congress, and Pharmaceutical companies. Most of these synthetic drugs, were developed when America smuggled in Hitler's drug dealers to take the herbal base of plants and turn it into an expensive, toxic, deadly chemical. The second thing was showing the black men as dumbed down and stupid while the skinny black woman gave them advice about diet and exercise-LMAO!!?? Who they trying to fool? Black women are the most unhealthiest and obese people on the planet! Black men are the ones who are health conscience, work out and keep in shape. So-to be accurate and reflect reality about the fact that black women are dying at higher rates of diabetes, colon cancer and cholesterol, at a very speeded up rate-this commercial would have showed a typical 300lbs African American woman, eating fast food with the guys lecturing her on dietary and work out habits.

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